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An entirely new way to present aromatherapy. Over 200 slides representing the content of PIA Masters series Vol.: 1 - 3. Give your audience what they want the most: Treatment protocols and structure energy diagrams for many essential oils (from Aromatherapy Lifestyle).

Whenever the need arises back it up with the science from "Chemistry of Essential Oils" and "Biology of Essential Oils."

Select the slides for your audience and arrange them for your own individual presentation. The "this is aromatherapy" collection of presentation slides gives you maximum flexibility and lets you create a presentation taylored precisely to the needs of your audience. From a simple collection of treatment protocols to a sophisticated display of the science behind it.

For details and more information on the entire PIA Masters Collection, Books, Olfactory Tools and Presentation Software please call 1 415 479 9121!
sample chemistry slides
sample biology slides
sample lifestyle slides

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