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To proceed to the New Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy and Plant Language site
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PIA is updating its site for a more contemporary look and feel. For more in depth descriptions of our educational offers please visit newpacificinstituteofaromatherapy.com. To explore please click on the link below.

New Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy site

Pacific Institute's 8th Aromatherapy Conference 2015
San Francisco, November 6, 7 and 8, 2015. Registration Fee before July 31st: $ 495.

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To browse full conference details please go to Conference on the NEW Pacific Insitute of Aromatherapy site.

Conference Fee Structure

* March 1st until July 31st: Existing OSA/PIA Clients $ 495 -- New Clients 545.00

* After August 1st: Existing OSA/PIA Clients $ 595 - - New Clients 645.00

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Aromatherapy Correspondence Course
The Classic Introduction to French Style Aromatherapy


The PIA Aromatherapy Correspondence Course is the longest standing educational program in the US.
Thousands of students have graduated since 1985, having learned the basics of self medication with essential oils.
For detailed description please click on the "Courses" button.

Plant Language
Aromatherapy like never before. Emphasizing intuition and personal experience!

PIA's Plant Language course is detailed on www.plantlanguage.org. Please click the link below to explore.

Plant Language site

More PIA Education Offers

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Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils
Signed copies

Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils $ 19.95

Chinese Medical Aromatherapy
Jeffrey Yuen Seminar Recordings on CD

Recordings from Jeffrey Yuens seminar on Chinese Medical Aromatherapy
San Francisco, February 11 & 12, 2006 available on CD

The use of essential oils in the tradition of Classic Chinese Medicine and specific therapeutic strategies. An exciting approch to Advanced Medical Aromatherapy.


PIA Bookshop

Quick Reference Guide for 114 Essential Oils

This guide is meant to provide quick reference for aromatherapy users in all stages of experience. By listing the established facts in short tables, this guide aims to make the selection of the right essential oils quick and easy, whether the purpose is for recreation or treatment.

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Essential Oils, Cancer, Degenerative and Autoimmune Diseases

Scientific, aromatherapy and healing arts presentations by Nancy Brandt, Peta and John Day, Scott Franzblau, James Geiger, Anne-Marie Giraud-Robert, Mindy Green, Elson Haas, Jimm Harrison, Janice Hein, Lance Morris, Pam Taylor, Greg Toews, Michael Wink, Jeffrey C. Yuen and Robbi Zeck.

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Essential Oils as Antiviral Agents

Natural essential oils are effective against viral pathogens such as Herpes, Shingles or Flu viruses. There is a fair amount of research that proves it and it is well established through the collective experience of the aromatherapy community. However, rather than recommending a blend of oils and pretending it would be a magical cure, we believe that some education about the antiviral effects of essential oils is most useful for the treatment of viruses. The following thoughts are directed to everyone who wonders what could be done preventatively and for treatment (if needed) within the realm of aromatherapy or alternative medicinal approaches.

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Science and Emotion: Connecting Mind and Body

Proceedings of the 3rd Wholistic Aromatherapy Conference, San Francisco, October 30 - November 1, 1998

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Wholistic Aromatherapy: the Therapeutic Uses of Essential Oil

Proceedings of the 1st Wholistic Aromatherapy Conference, San Francisco, November 4 - 6, 1995

New Medicine; What Else is There Besides Drugs

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Advanced Aromatherapy

Advanced Aromatherapy by Kurt Schnaubelt, PhD takes the guesswork out of using aromatherapy, basing the therapeutic use of essential oils on scientific data. The various classifications of the oils are illustrated, presenting the reader with a clear understanding of their properties relative to treatments. This empowers the reader to interact with essential oils both intelligently and intuitively.

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Medical Aromatherapy

Medical Aromatherapy by Kurt Schnaubelt, PhD with its unapologetic tone is unique as it illuminates aromatherapy as a modality to encourage the shift from a mechanistic to a vitalistic perspective. This book provides an exploration of why we use aromatherapy, its theoretical foundations and how to use it, acknowledging the vitalist core of aromatherapy. Medical Aromatherapy addresses important philosophical and social issues so far missing from the current discussion.

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aroma The International Magazine for Essential Oils

aroma goes beyond the common denominator of mediocrity and searches out the oils of distinction. aroma features the women and men who distill true essential oils. In our opinion the best way to establish identity (and consequently provide the best assurance of authenticity) is by telling the story of the culture and region where the plants are grown and also of the passion of the individuals who distill them.

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